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EXPOARTE Montichiari

Exhibit “EXPOARTE” in Montichiari, Brescia (Italy)

January 24-25, 2024

Feb. 2024

“Una tappa fra le stelle”

(“A Stop between the Stars”)

An event by “Chefs For Life” ...

A charity benefit for brain cancer

Da Vittorio Restaurant

Brusaporto (BG), Italy

May 25, 2023

May 2023

“Il Riflesso delle Stelle”

See the web link:  “Il Riflesso delle Stelle”

( cf. translated into English: “The Reflection of the Stars” )

A charity benefit for Type 1 Diabetes

Salò, Italy

April 26, 2023

Apr. 2023

“Fresh Lights”

Discover my newest  “Fresh Lights” !

Apr. 2023

“2023 Art Calendar”

They are suitable to print, and hang on your favorite wall

Dec. 2022

“Sunday Reflections”

Dec. 2022


“Everything we do is in vain if is not leaving something valid and concrete behind us, something beautiful or useful, something that can live longer than our body, something, despite being part of the past, paradoxically has more time and value into the future, for generations to come. And it is a way, if not the only one, for a human being, to achive a pinch of immortality.”

- Alina  

Nov. 2022

article in “The Sport Spirit”

( Yes - that's me! )

There's a new article which includes me, in the online magazine “The Sport Spirit” ...

The article is in Italian:  Cuccarini, Ferilli, Hunziker: “Il Calisthenics fa bene”

Here it is, translated to English:  Cuccarini, Ferilli, Hunziker: “Calisthenics is good”

July 2022

my paintings

To see over 1000 of my paintings, my art website:  ArteDiAlina.com

my TV ad

This 3-minute advertisement was broadcast on an Italian TV channel in September.
Here it is, with subtitles in English:

Jun 2020

my Art Home Decor

Discover my site Art Home Decor by Alina to see these amazing items:

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Mar 2020


01 mar 2024